Our Product

Our product is built to simplify the international payment process in an affordable and convenient way.

The XEND system features a complete set of functions to ensure the process is efficient, secure and transparent.

Processing Payments

The XEND payment processing engine enables you to make payments virtually anywhere in the world. Using our vast network of trusted banking partners, you can make a payment to over 200 countries, with many being credited to the beneficiaries bank account within 24 hours.

Setting up Beneficiaries

International banking can be complex enough. We provide full ‘country by country’ knowledge, including validation of beneficiary bank details, allowing you to handle any necessary compliance, resulting in an overall faster payment process.

XEND provides the functionality to set up and store client & beneficiary details, including bank details, personal details and notification preferences.

Transaction Reporting

The importance in keeping track of your business is imperative to the future growth and success of it. XEND gives you access to real time reporting that shows the balance, conversion and payment status. We consider this a valuable asset in the optimization of your customer experience, including automatic notification to the client, each and every time a payment is sent out.